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© Neng Maria Teresa M. Evangelista

Ding Indu tamu katayid-pusad tala manibat king 
mikagli tamu angga na king angga... 
Inya potang mayaus ne ing Indu ketang bie kasumangid, 
maybug tamung matda king pamangulila at lumbe maski 
na nu pa anti ing kapamintuan tamu king kaburian ning 
Dios Ibpa.  Bustan yung iampang ke kekayu deting 
poema Kapampangan at English version para kang Indu, 
Irene Andres Mercado Magtuloy (anak nang bunsung 
Don Monico R. Mercado) inyang meyaus ne, petsang 
Peb 20, 2008.  Kabang babasan ye pu sana,  sabayan 
tana naman pangadi para karing Indu tamung kaluguran 
at para karing sablang Indu keti sulip at ketang bie 

Malugud yung Capatad king Dios,



I  f  time flashes half a century back, 
R  egal life you gave up for fate and luck, 
E  nraged older folks, your One great love, 
N  o matter how pauper Daddy was clad. 
E  mbraced providence, the Will of God. 
A  nd then four of us came, again you said, 
N  un I wished to be, but here I am led, 
D  ivine Providence still made me feel, 
R  ightful thrones in heaven my kids can fill, 
E  ven much better, for six instead of one, 
S  omeday even best, more offsprings to come.' 
M  emories before I walked down the aisle, 
E  mit from within and keep rushing by, 
R  ewinding that funny, Vic's first home visit,  
C  ome in Vic, come in', and gestured him to sit. 
A  t  first instinct you already felt, the God-sent, 
D  oubts gone, being the son of a would-be priest, 
O  r  St. Vincent Ferrer's grant to our novena wish. 
M  eanwhile Daddy mumbled his jealous line, 
A  ge of Vic, if only the same as mine, 
G  rave be my jealousy, you treat him fine.' 
T  hat was another amusing bits of gone time. 
U  ntil, we were blest with kids of our own, 
L  ove and untiring service Vic returned, 
O  f a son-in-law, a son, you call your own, 
Y  our "God bless U" appears in all pages we turn. 

I   keep walking down the memory lane, 
R  ewinding the memories we had, 
E  ach time, my heart cries in pain, 
N  ight and day, I pine and am sad, 
E  ver wishing to hug and kiss you again. 
A  las! My precious childhood with you, 
N  ever escape my heart and mind, 
D  etails your love, genuine and true, 
R  equired me to recite poems in rhyme, 
E  nglish words, all to me, strange and new, 
S  ix to eight, I was, a poet to bud in time. 
M  oments we shared in Baguio, I truly like, 
E  ject more longings only my heart can tell, 
R  eplay our South Drive and Mines View hike, 
C  hanting hymns, you taught so well. 
A  geless sacred advices you gave, whenever, 
D  own in pains, my heart can not spell, 
O  f people, of dismay, I can't decipher. 
M  ommy wherever you are, don't you part, 
A  sk God please, that He'll make you stay, 
G  ive me once more your listening heart, 
T  ell me again, "Hija, all pains pass away..." 
U  sher me out of the dark before I get lost, 
L  eave me not, please dwell in me, 
O  nly you, could understand me most, 
Y  ou, next to Mother Mary, my one Mommy! 


I  n each twilight approaching swiftly, 
R  uns down these tears I shed, 
E  vening chats we used to have daily, 
N  estle all over my aching head... 
E  ntirely cut my poor sleeps in bed.. 
A  ccord to me... that I may see you, 
N  ot too much asking, just in dreams, 
D  ark nights will then fade from view, 
R  estore back the stars and moonbeams. 
E  nd my sorrow, my misery...please shoo. 
S  end me words to bring back my dreams. 
M  y loveones, MQV disturbed for me, 
E  very now and then, they feel my pain, 
R  ound across the globe, your Godson baby-- 
C  oyang Dick, Ating Cel, help me calm the rain. 
A  ll my siblings & families, CoyangJJ, M.A, JV, 
D  addy dearest, love you most deep and plain, 
O  h divine Love, vanquish our sorrow and pain. 
M  orning Sundays MQ bring you no costly rose, 
A   nd offer our simple flowers to God Most High, 
G  reat is your life but there, there it goes... 
T  o the whistling winds, to drift, to fly, 
U  ntil it echoes back, more and more, 
L  ouder and louder while drifting the sky 
O  nly to find, its within the heart's core 
Y  our love Mommy, lives! never to die! 


I  could not forget the life you knew,
R  everence in God, you cling on to, 
E  arthly ordeals, you underwent, 
N  ever your Faith, ceased a moment, 
E  ndured submissively all tests He sent. 
A  ll for Thee Lord Jesus', you'd say 
N  aught for me, you'd lovingly obey, 
D  ear pretty face of yours I don't tire, 
R  aised compliments, which people admired, 
E  ven then, still, you'd humbly say, 
S  weet looks would just rot and fade away... 
M  ultitude of hardships you had to pass, 
E  ducation in exchange, you wanted for us, 
R  eared us with love and holy lessons, 
C  harted us to become good daughters and sons. 
A  nd lo! Look mommy! The harvest you've got. 
D  own here, with Daddy, we forget you not, 
O  f your exemplary Motherhood and all that! 
M  orning dawn, each day, will come anew, 
A  ges shall fleet yet I bid you no Adieu, 
G  od whispers promises after each dark night, 
T  omorrow is my Hope, I'll hold on tight, 
U  ntil I see you again, beloved Mommy of mine, 
L  et me clasp your hand comes God's given Time 
O  h! let me feel your love...still, still waits for me, 
Y  onder! Take me where you are now, MOMMY! 
M  ommy have you read my FOUR POEMS up at Heaven's blue? 
O  h yes! You're always and  the first to read my poems as before, 
M  ommy, poetry runs in our veins, I'm a poet, all because of You...
M  y setting: Daddy here, by your terrace, facing the rivershore, 
Y  oung twilight chats again, searching up that I might see YOU! 

                                                     March 30, 2008 



I  tang singkwenta anos a dinalan, 
R  angya ning bie ‘yang kekang gilutan, 
E  sukat kemua Lugud mu, ding mangatua, 
N  ung kalulu man ing bili nang Tata. 
E  da balu kaburian pala ning Dios Ibpa. 
A  nyang apat kaming linto, ngamong sinabi, 
N  ung mo sa pamagmadre ing apili, 
D  apot ing Ibpa peramdam na kanaku, 
R  etang tronu banua ila sang asapak yu. 
E  sayang, imbes na metung, anam tamu, 
S  ukat ganap, dakal pang suli kekayu.' 
M  asayang napun, bayu ku mekiasawa, 
E  tuknang lalapo king pusu ku at diwa, 
R  etang makatulang aldo y Vic primero yang migbisita, 
C  asampat naman “Mekeni Vic, mekeni, malaus ka”. 
A  burianan meng agad, isip mu padala neng Ibpa, 
D  uda man ala na, anak yang magpari, ngamu pa. 
O  kaya pakibat nang  San Vicente king pangadi ta. 
M  akatula pa y Tata magselus nepin man, 
A  sne kamua ngana “Nung kasing idad kyamu ‘yan, 
G  anap ku kamua, masyadu meng istiman”, 
T  ula ku naman mo makapakailing milabasan. 
U  agas a bendisyun, mika atin kaming anak, 
L  ugud at serbisyu, keka y Vic binalik nang tapat, 
O  yning manuyang a balamu tune meng anak, 
Y  ang anggang “God bless U” mu sobra ng sapat. 


I  ng milabas a pilit kung babalikan, 
R  ecuerdung maula lulual king simpanan, 
E  patugut pusung tatangis king kasakitan, 
N  eng bengi at aldo, lungkut kung panamdaman, 
E  na sukat malyari, kawlan ka pa’t panuman. 
A  be daka king kayanakan kung sinaglit, 
N  i kapilan e mawaglit king pusu ku’t isip, 
D  eting lingap at lugud Indu kekang pepakit, 
R  etang poesiang makarima kaku mu pasambit, 
E  ko man atalus ding mabayat amanung Inglis, 
S  ukat naman, anam o wali idad kumung paslit. 
M  ilabas a napun king Baguio pane kung akakit, 
E  mapupus gugulis king pusu ku’t isip, 
R  ing South Drive at Mines View babalik lang pilit, 
C  antang pangadi a tiru mung maplit, 
A  manung maka Dios, Indu, binye mung masipit. 
D  eti ngan makatamle king pusu kung manangis, 
O  bat alang kasing sakit, alang kaparis… 
M  iparas ka man nukarin, eka sa darayu, 
A  duan mu Ibpa, manatili ka siping ku, 
G  awan mu pa rin ing makramdam ka kanaku, 
T  igko muku, “lilipas ngan”, sabian mung pasibayu. 
U  ling malili ku, king dulum abayan muku, 
L  akuan…ali muku! Magdatun ka king pusu, 
O  ika mu!  Ing makaintindi kanaku… 
Y  apin! Kaybat nang Indung Maria, Indu ku ika mu! 


I  ndat ing silim marapal yang  mamampit, 
R  ing lua ding mata mananabu nang pilit, 
E  ku akalinguan kwentuan ta keti sulip, 
N  ing tamle, buntuk ku makirut king sakit, 
E  mapupus a kirut…eku man mipaidlip.. 
A  sahan ku pa rin Indu ing akit da ka pa, 
N  emong pakit ka, o king paninap man sana, 
D  ulum ning bengi dumayu na’t mawala, 
R  ing batuin at bulan, ila nang sumala. 
E mu paratunan ing lumbe, itabi mu sa, 
S  ana mag-amanu ka, sunlag paninap kung mitda. 
M  alugud kung MQV, migaganaka kanaku, 
E  da alapsuan, araramdaman da lumbe ku, 
R  eting lipat yatu, dating bingut a inanak mu, 
C  oyang Dick, Ating Cel, patila ing uran mananabu, 
A  nggang pamilya ku, Coyang JJ, MA,JV utul ku, 
D  eti at Tata , a tiktak ing lugud na keka at masolu, 
O  ! banal a lugud, itigko mu kami king pangalugmu. 
M  Q balang Dominggo bitbit dang sampaga, 
A  t idaun arapan ning pekamatas Dios Ibpa, 
G  anap a bie mu Indu, miras na babo biga, 
T   utu neng pinayid ning angin, malaut na, 
U  ling king kalaut sukat a tutunugan pa, 
L  aganap king sikan tunug Karin banua, 
O  bat mo ali, keni mu king pusu, atiu ka, 
Y  ang lugud mu Indu, mabie! Kapilanman e matda! 


I  ng bie mu kapilanman emakalinguan, 
R  ing tiwala mu king Dios at Katapatan, 
E  mu iti, pati na laksa mung Kasakitan, 
N  i misan etinage matibe mung Kasalpantayan, 
E  ka tinerku, memintu ka, binie na nanu pa man. 
A  mo, “Jesus, para Keka daraun ku ngan”, 
N  gamu pa “e para kaku, Ikang mipamintuan”, 
D  angat kung lawe, e sasawa king kekang leguan, 
R  ing aliwa man, agad dakang titingalan, 
E  ka mikakunu, marapal mung sabian, 
S ukat kukupas at mawala mu iting leguan… 
M  arakal kasakitan kang denasan, 
E  dukasyun abie mya sa anak mung kaluguran, 
R  eting lugud at aral kekaming akaragulan, 
C  ayantabe miras king catimawang kerasan, 
A  t lawen muke ngeni casampat ming pupupulan, 
D  umungo ka lalam, ikami edaka kalinguan, 
O  yan Indung alang kapara, Indu ming nuan! 
M  iras ing abak ding balang aldo, 
A  nos lumabas, Indu eku mamun, eku mako, 
G  uinu man mengaku, karas ning galingaldo, 
T  ing abak kaakbe pagasa datang ing aldo, 
U  me dakang akit Indu, king oras ning Guinu, 
L  atag me at iabut kanaku ing gamat mu, 
O  ! lugud mu Indu, paramdam mu manenaya pa kanaku, 
Y  anapin Karin!  Ituki muku nung nukarin ka Indu! 
M  ommy abasa mo APAT  A POESIA king babo banua? 
O  ita pin!  Ika ing lagi kung mumunang taga-basa, 
M  ommy, poesia managlus king uyat ku pauli mu, 
M  akalukluk kami Daddy terasa, lawe marayu, 
Y  ananaman king silim, sana akit dakang pasibayu! 

                                    March 30, 2009