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© Neng Maria Teresa M. Evangelista

Neng Maria Teresa M. Evangelista
        Julyu 31, 2010

Manene ing takbang king dalan ning krisis,
King mitmung ingat e pailampas king gulis,
Uling ing ditak mu man a pangatibis,
Yang katalabu’t pinung pangalapiris.

Maingat king gastus ban e mipalabis,
Ing panyaliwan midobling pilan besis,
Mekad sweldu mamatras o alang ‘increase’
Nia e mamakma king presyung metaginis.

Mamalengki tamu’t ding kualtang kapulis,
Pagkasya king karni, gule at kamatis,
Dapot king dilis o baguk mu mipildis,
Sigla tang meko, kabalik makangisngis.

Maybug nang mamurit, lupa mangalumpis,
Pagumasdan ding bulsa tamung mapitis,
Magratun ta namu king maplas a aklis,
Busbusan la’t deig pa ing mebardigonis.

Ban makamenus, e ta na pa limbonis,
Kauli ibat obra, mamaleng anting daguis,
Lungga ing pagdamutan, lisya king bangis—
Na ning krisis a anting pusang manginis!

Map bale, sopan katu-baleng maglinis,
Manos pinggan o kaserola, manisis,
Mamipi’t pilansan, lukut ding pileguis,
At pipildis-pildis ing bunut at palis.

Oyan ing map kesa alsa la ring bitis,
Palual king bale kaybat mangapalaris,
E ta pa agyung makilindu king daplis—
Niting mapaling manampaling a krisis.

Aba! Santungan melualas, alang rungis!
Sulit a pagal at pawas tang pinulis,
Mie kapaldan at ligayang tiklis-tiklis!
Deig ta ya pang painawa ing Emperatris!

*Ginale nang MTMME king Radyu ning Indung
Kapampangan 91.9FM, July 31, 2010

By Maria Teresa M. Evangelista
       July 31, 2010

Walk slow on the road messed in crisis,
Be careful don’t step beyond the line,
No matter how too short our slip is,
Our pitfall might crush us very fine.

So we don’t overspend, we take time,
Prices had doubled, to our dismay,
No pay hikes and pay tends to decline,
Thus do not match prices pulled away.

Market with cash that’s hardly enough,
For a piece of meat, veggies and tomatoes,
But to tiny salted fishes, we only end up,
Our glow to go, when we return, off it goes.

Face wrinkled, almost drives us insane,
As we observe our flattened pockets,
We then calm down in bitter pain,
They’ve gotten holed by plenty pellets.

To save, let’s cease roaming for fun,
After work, like a rat, stay out of sight,
Enjoy the mouse-hole, the threat to shun—
The crisis, like a cat, will surely bite.

Best to stay at home, help the house-hold,
Wash dishes or clean the casserole,
Perhaps wash and iron crumpled folds,
Or maybe scrub and sweep the floor.

That is best than to carry our feet,
Out of the house only to get hit,
We still can’t afford to chase same beat—
With crisis and its slapping heat.

Lo! Home turns roomy, at its cleanest!
The sweat we dry, the output at best,
Give us relief and loads of happiness!
As we rest cozier, than an Empress!